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The Spanish Lottery has some of the richest prize pools in the world, ranging from €84 Million all the way up to a staggering Spanish Christmas Lottery El Gordo €2.24 Billion.

Millions of people take part in these draws every single month, giving them the chance to win life-changing prizes.  Because of how the numbers are drawn, there is not just one incredibly lucky winner, but thousands of winners.

PlayLottery is giving YOU the chance to play in the El Gordo - Spanish Lottery online. With our system every Spanish Lottery Syndicate Entry will win at least one cash prize in the Christmas El Gordo Special draw, 3 cash prizes in January's El Niño and July's Spanish Lottery Special draws - and the 9 other Superdraws - GUARANTEED!

You can't play El Gordo at your local newsagentsBut you CAN HERE with us.


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